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Discover the World of Ballet with Maria Osende Step into the captivating world of ballet with Maria Osende, an exceptional force in the dance realm. Her journey, spanning continents and generations, has enchanted dancers of all levels through transformative teaching and unwavering dedication. A Dynamic Career: From Madrid to New York to Berlin Maria's dance journey commenced in Madrid under renown mentors such as Julia Estevez, Luis Fuentes and Jose  Granero followed by a Fulbright scholarship at the renowned School of American Ballet in New York. With a decade-long professional ballet career as a soloist with the National Ballet of Spain and the Berlin Ballet, she has danced an expansive repertoire from classical to contemporary. Her expertise extends to flamenco through her training at Madrid's celebrated "Centro de Arte Flamenco Amor de Dios." Mastery Across Roles and Genres Maria's dynamic career embraces her roles as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, producer, and mentor. She not only directs her own dance school but also spearheads the Atlantic Flamenco Productions Society. Unveil the Ballet Enchantment Embark on a ballet journey guided by Maria's expertise. Whether you're taking your first steps or aiming for new horizons, Maria cultivates growth, passion, and a profound sense of community. Her teaching transcends movement, resonating deeply with the heart of dance. Celebrating Excellence and Nurturing Community Maria's passion extends to nurturing dance communities and celebrating excellence. Her dedication earned her the esteemed Arts Nova Scotia Established Artist award. Through her non-profit work, she promotes flamenco and Spanish culture in Atlantic Canada. Beyond Ballet: A Rich Legacy Maria's impact stretches to producing over 20 shows with the Maria Osende Flamenco Company. She directs the Atlantic Flamenco, organizing renowned events like the ATLANTIC FLAMENCO FESTIVAL and the  FLAMENCONIGHTS PERFORMANCE SERIES. Her partnership with Halifax's municipality led to the groundbreaking Multicultural FUSE Dance Festival. Unveil the Magic of Dance With Maria Osende as your guide, the magic of dance unfolds. Her patience, humor, and unwavering commitment leave an indelible mark on every student fortunate enough to learn from her.

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