Ballet Basics On Demand Course

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Discover Ballet at Home: A Guided Journey with Follow-Along Lessons for Adult Beginners

Unlock the Beauty of Ballet within Your Personal Space

SKILL: Entry Level

INTENDED AUDIENCE: middle age adults with no previous ballet or dance experience

COURSE OVERVIEW:  This comprehensive course consists of 15 lessons, each lasting approximately 30 minutes.  plus a class to do regularly at the end of the course with all exercises learned throughout the course. All acquired knowledge, skills and techniques will provide a satisfying routine to practice beyond the course.

INTENSITY: Gentle to Moderate; Suitable for individuals of all ages and varying fitness levels

COUSE TYPE:  Engaging Follow-Along Sessions, Encompassing Warm-ups, Stretching, and In-Depth Do's and Don'ts

ABOUT THIS COURSE: Initially conceived as an interactive eight-week online journey into ballet with classes held twice a week via Zoom, this newly available On-Demand course represents a refined compilation, specially tailored for middle-aged adults venturing into the realm of ballet for the first time. The course structure harmonizes with their individual progress, invaluable feedback, and preferred pace, guaranteeing an immersive and enjoyable learning odyssey. Each lesson is thoughtfully imbued with purposeful practice, comprehensive reviews, and meticulously outlined 'HOW TO' instructions."

GUIDANCE FOR USAGE: Structured as bi-weekly lessons unfolding over two months, this course provides the flexibility to adjust to your schedule and availability. Depending on your commitment, you can undertake one, two, or more lessons per week. Consistent daily practice, even if only for a few minutes, is encouraged for optimal growth, but you can also jsut do the follow-song lessons if you do not have extra time to dedicate to practising.

COURSE SPECIFICS: Archival recordings of live online sessions include personalized corrections offered to participating students. The lessons are rich in depth and precision. Initial sessions concentrate on posture and foundational steps, while subsequent modules introduce the 'ballet barre' and a center combination in a gradual, step-by-step manner.

BALLET FOUNDATIONS: The essence of ballet lies in constructing a strong foundation. Emphasis on activating the correct muscle groups and mastering precise execution is paramount for nurturing your evolving technique.

VITAL NOTE: Cultivate patience and embrace the gradual process. Beginning this journey with a patient mindset sets the stage for a rewarding transformation."

📹 NOTE ON VIDEO QUALITY: it's important to note that not all lessons were recorded in HD quality—some are presented in standard streaming quality from Zoom. Originally designed with real-time interaction in mind, this course is being offered in archival format in response to student requests, showcasing a sincere commitment to delivering a valuable learning experience.


  • Correct placement and muscle groups to engage
  • Ballet arm and feet positions
  • Ballet stretches and exercises for the feet
  • Basic technique for turns "pirouettes"
  • Ballet steps: plie, tendu, jete, cou-de-pied devant and derriere, port de bras, temps lié, releve, développé, fondu, grand battement, pas de vals, reverence

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Ballet for Adult Beginners: 16 lessons of 30 minutes each


Ballet Basics On Demand Course

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